The Great Universal Intelligence

The Great Universal Intelligence knows how much I need "control" and it takes special measures to constantly remind me I can't have it. There was a time when I thought these things were just a matter of luck, mostly bad luck. Over time, however, it became clear that things were well outside any conceivable parameters of random chance. A shrink would tell me I'm creating my own demon; that I need to lighten up and accept that things just are what they are. It would require an incredible (perhaps insanely so) ego to believe that an omnipowerful universal intelligence had singled me out and was responsible for turning every light red on my way to work, and for suddenly forming a long long line of cars moving, slowly, along the street in front of me just as I arrived at the stop sign needing to get across, and for putting one car in front of me that's going to sit there until the light turns green so that I can't turn right on red, and for excluding from the variety package of washers the one washer needed to fix my leaky faucet, and for guiding me to the one gas pump out of ten that, when I'm done pumping gas, won't print a receipt.

They say if you think positive thoughts then positive things will come to you, and vice-versa; but, it's hard to have positive thoughts when the metaphorical kicking of sand in the face almost never ceases, much less changes to sugar (or, better yet, maple syrup). 


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